Three Sides

If you want to understand business,
look behind the scenes
and try to connect the dots.

Ideas, Thoughts, Questions and Guidelines

Share thoughts.
Contribute ideas.
Develop your business.

Diagramming Allegory

Relations are key.
Business should be about people.
People means life.

How to do it?

We believe in sharing and contributing.
We believe in people and their values.
Because we are business people.
The iface blog is the platform to work on them.
In Brazil, in China and in Europe.

Bridging the Gaps

Training and Education for business in China.
Highly awarded training program.
6 level case study.
24h movies.

Journey of Xuanzang

Business is about relationship.
Gobi is about challenge.
Both is about business.

Join us

Have a look to the blog.
Share your ideas.
Meet and discuss.
Don’t accept the status quo for what it is,
because everyone around you does.
Challenge yourself.